Barbas Bremen sanctuary

The Bremen Forest Reserve  & Sanctuary of Flora and Fauna is extends 7 kl. in length that encompases a 3 hr. treck into the marvelous and  mysterious habitat of the Howler monkeys, rare tropical birds and a veriety of native fauna, including the occasional sighting of our mountain bobcat. We hike along the banks of the Yarumal River, allowing us to refresh in the clear streams of its waters. Continuing the trail leads us to the Alegria Waterfall, where we can again take a dip, snack, and contemplate the lush rainforest, undoubtedly being watched by Howlers. Once we return to our starting point, our guide will accompany us to a typical lunch in Filandia, at one of the most colofull town
squares of Quindio, flanked by the century old cathedral and its colonial architecture with open courtyards. The complete tour
lasts a full day.

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