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glacial edge 3 days

(3 pax minimum)

Day 1 begins with an 18 kilometers  walk at Altitudes from 2,200 to 3,700 mts. to reach the lodging site, in the company of an experienced bi-lingual certified guide. On this tour we will pass through the cocora palm forest where you can contemplate the majesty of this ancestral attraction, to then continue onward to the cloud forest, humming-bird sanctuary, criss-crossing waterfalls and streams, exploring the  countless aspects of  Andean biodiversity. We proceed to 'estrella de agua' reserve to share a nutricious lunch. late afternoon, the treck takes us to one of two finca lodges to spend the night. 

next morning after a hardy breakfast that will give us the energy to continue with this magical journey, we will start the walk to the Edge of the Glacial at 7:00 a.m.

We begin the ascent to by going through a beautiful path surrounded by deep gorges and ravines. having completed this ascent we enjoy the panorama of vegetation that includes the 'frailejones' and mosses, ancestral plants of these cold and beautiful lands. the views are spectacular!

at 4,800 mts. we reach the park ranger service heliport. from this point on the path we'll be climbing the rocks to reach our destination, the wonderful Edge of the Glacier, afterwhich
 we begin the descent towards the lodging site, to spend the night, and share our stories at the dinner table with a warm fire-place. we return the next day to Salento conserving the memories of this credible adventure that will always live in our memories.

R/T transportation to the cocora valley

Lodging 2 nights

Breakfast lunch dinner



Accident insurance


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Una expedición que nos llevará a experimentar diferentes pisos térmicos a través del recorrido a la laguna del Otún y conocer el borde de nieve en el nevado de Santa Isabel el cual es también llamado Poleka Kasue lo que significa en lengua Quimbaya princesa de las nieves. Conoce y disfruta de la maravilla natural que es uno de los glaciares milenarios de Colombia y que debido al cambio climático está propenso a desaparecer.