Carbonera wax palm forest reserve

Full Day 

R/T  Jeep transport

2 hour trek


Accident Insurance

Entrance fee

Lunch at the Finca

Expert Guide




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At 3800 meters,the Carbonera wax palm forest reserve offers a spectacular landscape at 15 km from Salento by a 4x4 national country road (the route of simon Bolivar) that leads us to the original version of Cocora Valley, abundant with palms. Only the trip there is worth the joy, and when you arrive, the view of the mountains and the wax palm is unforgettable. the carabonera farm house is the starting point of a 2-hour hike going into the magical, exotic and unique ancestral palm forest, Colombia national tree, in danger of exctincion. On the way back, a delicious mountain lunch awaits us. the tour Includes an expert guide.