Snow Pick el ruiz

TOURISM IN THE NEVADO DEL RUIZ, OFFERS AN EXPLORER THE OPPORTUNITY TO DISCOVER ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DESTINATIONS WITH YEAR-ROUND SNOW. The tour begins in salento in a comfortable transport to the magical city of manizales, to the entrance of the nevados national park, where we are met by a professional guide. Here you can practice mountaineering, fishing and hiking through interactive trails that wind through an amazing ecosystem of vegetation, flora and fauna. At 4,800 meters the hiker encounters the snow. cabins of the Ministry of the Environment loacated at intervals serve as an aid to tourists in their ascent. This site is recognized for its environmental importance to the whole region of the coffee axis. Its located in the highest part of the Central mountain range, and is considered the highest of the three chains in which the Colombian Andes are divided. aligned from south to north: Tolima, Quindío, Paramillo de Santa Rosa, Santa Isabel and Ruiz. full day.

Nevado del ruiz  4200 msnm

el recorrido toma undia completo 



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