Tinamu birding sanctuary

only the trip to Tinamu deserves is worth the joy of seeing  the wonderful landscape of the Andean mountain range along the highway to the city of manisales an hour and a half from salento. It is one of the most important bird sanctuaries in Colombia, very welcoming, refreshlng and cheerful. Hummingbirds are everywhere, as well the coloful baranquero, wood-peckers and parrots, along a nature trail of exotic flora of the forest: wild orchids, bromelias, heliconias, birds of paradise. We will also see the native trees of the area, including the acacia and bucares, and  coffee, that are from 70 to 80 years old growing naturally under the shade of the forest. It is a true ecological paradise, a real pleasure to see in Colombia. It includes a relaxed lunch in a natural environment in the vicinity of the park. full day Tour with guide.

Birdwatching hacienda tinamú Manizales caldas

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