Sanctuary of flora and fauna

Otún - Quimbaya

This magical site is located 14 km. to the east of Pereira. This is an area that is protected as a sanctuary because of its large amount of flora (about 259 species of flora have been registered, including oak, cherry, etc.) and its extensive fauna. This is a perfect site for bird watching and exotic butterflies.

Otun Quimbaya

It is a territory of a total of 489 HA.



One of its mayor attractions are the howler monkeys, a spectacular specie of primates that are caracterized by their howling at dawn or dusk. You can also have the chance to see other wild animals that inhabit the park, such as the "spectacled bear", the páramo tapir, eagles, deer and other rare birds in dazzling colors.

This sanctuary offers you an inmersion into nature. 

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