coffee tour las acacias

Las  Acacias is the first Coffee Tour only 4 kl. from the hostal, taking a 10 min 
Wyllys Jeep ride along a scenic mountain route. Highlited on this 2 hr. tour is the focus given
to a family run farm, with a veriety of complementary crops such as plantain and bananas. 
Included, is learning all about the types of coffee grain, altitude factor, soil and rainfall, 
cultivation technics and harvest of the red-ripe beans, there selection and tendering in the sun, then the process of 
peeling and toasting to perfection.
The tour is offered in Spanish and English. At the coffe tasting session the barista expert will invite you to try a veriety of farm grown brews that will surprise your palate.

coffe tour

Entrance fee

R/T transport

billingual guide

coffee tasting session


2 hours




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