Primordial Sound Meditation 
Guided meditation
Be part of the Primordial Sound Meditation, guided by  John E. Ashford, Instructor certified by the Chopra center California. 
¿What is 
Primordial Sound Meditation?
PSM is a healing meditation that connects body, mind & spirit, for you to experience deep calm and relaxation. Vistaguila provides a specialy designed 'Maloca', (garden cheecke-hut), bordering an ecological rain-forest reserve filled with the sounds of song birds, in the setting of the andean cordillera. guided sessions of primordial sound meditation allows us to  enter into Inner silence, commune with nature and recover our natural essence-self.  We can be part of the ONE and in that way enter a state of tranquility, creativity, of infinite possibilities.
Stress management.
Reduces anxiety.
Co-Create your Reality.
Stimulate intuition.
Connection with your spirit.
Improved sleep.
Experience the essence of who we really are!
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