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Coffee theme park

The Coffee Theme Park is the most visited diversion park of Colombia situated in Pueblo Tapado, a  quaint small village suspended in time, forming part of the Magical Realism of Montenegro in Quindio. It has two cable cars, live continous shows, a veriety of gardens, spotlighting the  cultilvation of coffee, there are three rollercoasters, & many other rides, 'guaquero' gold-diggers & native Quimbaya culture exhibitions. Food stands are sprinkled through-out the vast instalations along with colorfull folklore art & crafts, miniturized model coffee villages with their colonial architecture, including the famous Willy's jeeps, where you can choose from over 25 different attractions between water, air and land themes. The Park is connected by its own railrod with 2 train stations. The tour last a full day, and lunch is on your own with from a veriety of restaurants within the Park to choose from.


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